Cypher Supers

Character Notes

Pregen superheroes:

Street-level superheroes, more Daredevil than Iron Man.

Aether: Mad mystic (adept) who Awakens Dreams
Crunch: Hardy warrior who Battles Robots
Penumbra: Mysterious crimefighter (explorer w/ stealth) who Needs No Weapon
Scrapper: Impulsive warrior who Looks for Trouble
Teletron: Artificially intelligent researcher (speaker w/ skills/knowledge) who Conducts Weird Science


Padma Sharma, you were a no-nonsense investigative journalist from a successful, wealthy family.

At the scene of the discovery of a strange artifact, you got close to it and it changed you somehow, bringing forth Aether, a Mad mystic who Awakens Dreams. Aether can summon images from dreams into the world and make them appear real. Driven slightly mad by the experience, Aether fights crime.

Does Aether have a secret identity? Is the straight-laced Padma Sharma a separate personality from the mad Aether? Or is Padma Sharma now changed permanently into Aether?

Your family owns a large vineyard nearby. What is the name of their most famous vintage?

Padma Sharma, you know that one of your fellow superheroes was not real until you summoned them into existence from one of your dreams. Which PC was it? The rest of the party may not believe you, but you are certain it is true.


Reynold Randolph, you just wanted to do the right thing by your sister. An alien artifact fell from the sky into your house and robots threatened you and your family. It was then you became Crunch, a Hardy warrior who Battles Robots. You have pushed yourself to the limit learning about robots and computers, a well as boosting your constitution with discovered alien artifacts.

Your older sibling is an infamous character who has been disgraced. Who is it?

Pick one other PC. You suspect that this character is put off by your hatred of animate machines. You can choose whether or not she knows of your suspicions.


Yin Ying, you have not been affected by the alien artifacts. You were trained by elite assassins called The Astral, and you stole their techniques and used them for good instead of evil. You are Penumbra.

You published a book about some of your exploits and discoveries, and it has achieved some acclaim.

Pick one other PC. You once trained with a close friend of his, and you owe that mutual friend much.


Virginia Cochrane, you were an acrobatics and parkour champion while still a teenager.

Your craftsman friend sometimes calls on you for help. However, he pays you well.

Pick one other PC. You used to be in a relationship with them, but it’s long since over.


So far as you know, you are unique in the world. A robot given complete sentient life through the effect of a strange alien artifact—an Artificially Intelligent researcher who Conducts Weird Science. You named yourself Teletron, and you are the only robot capable of a full range of emotions and thought.

You are in a close romantic relationship with someone in local politics.

Pick one other PC. The character believes your experiments once cured someone close to her of a fatal condition. You’re not sure if they did, or if the condition just went into remission.


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